Clara Miranda Scherffig

  • Currently new in spring, besides the lack of sunshine, are:
  • Via Berlinale's Forum, an interview with Ulises de la Orden for his brilliant El Juicio, which played at MoMA Doc Fortnight
  • Finalmente una stroncatura come non ne scrivevo da un sacco, su Infinity Pool
  • Un'intervista con Giacomo Abbruzzese per il suo Disco Boy, in concorso alla Berlinale
  • Le vite di Eva Babitz, Amanda Lear e Yvonne Rainer, un passo prima della fama, per il Tascabile

  • Also took on a big! top! secret! translation from English to Italian, from and for two publishers I cherish a lot. In a world governed by emails, translating is like meditating.

  • Finally, I'm again working with the fantastic festival that is EMAF Osnabrück, this time helping out with its Campus section